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A simple module to allow you to add JIRA Issue Reporters by adding a few variable definitions to your settings.php. Adding these in settings.php allows you to enable/disable these issue reporters easily in different environments if you're using separate /sites/ folders.

This module works by adding to settings.php (recommended) or otherwise setting the following two variables:

  • enable_jira_issue_reporters : TRUE | FALSE -- setting this to TRUE will include any configured issue collectors on every page.
  • jira_issue_repoters : array() -- An array of the JS file to include for each issue collector as provided by the HTML embed code from JIRA.

Each item in the array should just be a string which contains the URL to the issue collector JS, eg:

Sample code for settings.php:

$conf['enable_jira_issue_reporters'] = TRUE;
$conf['jira_issue_reporters'] = array(

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