This project integrates the JIRA Issue Collector with your Drupal site.

The JIRA Issue Collector plugin makes collecting feedback and bugs from your users and customers easier than ever.

If you develop web-applications or web sites, the JIRA Issue Collector is the best way to turn your customers' and users' feedback and problems directly into JIRA issues, all without requiring a JIRA login.

Instead of having to navigate to JIRA to raise bugs users will be able to raise issues directly from within your web-application, in a feedback form that you design!

Users will see a button (or "trigger") for feedback, and can click the button to raise feedback or bugs on a form embedded in your web application.

The code is heavily inspired by the SnapEngage module.

Installation and configuration

To use JIRA Issue Collector you need a working JIRA 5.x installation and access to project administration. JIRA Issue Collector supports both OnDemand and Download versions for JIRA.

To start collecting issues for a JIRA project from your Drupal site complete the following steps:

  1. Download and install this module.
  2. Go to the project administration page for the JIRA project and add a new issue collector
  3. Enter your configuration and submit the issue collector.
  4. Find the "Embedding this Issue Collector" section and copy the code. Both "Embed directly..." and "Embed in an existing JavaScript resource..." should work.
  5. Go to the JIRA Isse Collector configuration page on your Drupal site (admin/config/system/jira_issue_collector) and paste the code in the "Embed code" section.
  6. Adjust the remaining configuration options as needed and save the configuration.

Module is developed at Reload!.

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