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Jettison unwanted CSS and JavaScript files!

This module provides a hook-based mechanism for getting rid of unwanted CSS and JS files. Simply declare which files you want deleted, and this will take care of removing them.

There's also a nice administration interface that can be used for simple cases.

What is it good for?

Sometimes a module adds CSS or JS that you don't want (or don't want to show up on non-admin themes). Use Jettison to get rid of them.

Occasionally, modules put their CSS/JS on every page when it should really only be on a few isolated pages. A jettison hook can be used to detect the conditions and then remove strategically.


Say we have a module called Example, and we want to remove the foo.js that some other module adds. Here's how to accomplish this in Jettison's API:

function example_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  $icky_js = drupal_get_path('module', 'foo') . '/foo.js';
  jettison_js($icky_js, 'module');

Or to remove a CSS file from some offending theme (yes, this would be an edge case), we can do this:

function example_preprocess_page(&$vars) {
  $ugly_css = drupal_get_path('theme', 'ugly') . '/foo.css';
  jettison_css($ugly_css, 'theme');

If your needs are more sophisticated than a simple removal, you might want to look into the following API functions:

// Alter the list of JS files before they are removed from a page
function hook_jettison_js_list_alter(&$list) {
  // Remove an item from the jettison list:

// Same as above, but for CSS
function hook_jettison_css_list_alter(&$list) {
  // Remove an item from the jettison list:

// Alter the JS after jettisons have been made, but before the
// data is shipped off to the page template.
function hook_jettison_js_postprocess_list_alter(&$list) {

// Alter the CSS after jettisons have been made, but before the
// data is shipped off to the page template.
function hook_jettison_css_postprocess_list_alter(&$list) {

Take a look at API.php (included in the module) for details.

Interoperability (and some technical details)

Jettison uses some elaborate tricks to get around the static anti-pattern that drupal_add_js() and drupal_add_css() use to store data. It is a trick employed by some other modules (notably jQuery update). We have done our best to remain compatible with such modules.

Should you find a module that is not compatible with Jettison because it manipulates the page template data, you can mend the situation with hook_jettison_js_postprocess_list_alter() and hook_jettison_css_postprocess_list_alter().

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