Invisimail provides a content filter to hide email addresses from spam-bots. Email addresses are converted to ascii code and optionally written to the page using a concatenated JavaScript "write" command. The email addresses will appear on the page normally, but their html source will be obscured so as not to appear as an email address to email harvesting robots. Invisimail also provides an option to automatically create mailto links for email addresses.

Obviously, the best protection is not to publish email addresses at all. But on a community site, some users are going to do this regardless. Invisimail provides protection for these email addresses.

Note that you may need to set the invisimail filter to apply after any modules that modify HTML, such as HTML Filter, depending on the settings you select for each.

Notes on versions

- The Drupal 6 version is in maintenance mode. There will be no more work on it aside from critical bug fixes. This module requires PHP 5.2.

- The Drupal 7 version is a heavy rewrite and is now an extensible framework. API information is provided in the module to add additional encoding mechanisms.

Originally written by Jeff Robbins with Lullabot.

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