The Internet Archive module allows sites to automatically transfer media files (audio & video) as well as associated metadata to and from Archive.org. Once files have been transferred, they can be displayed using Archive.org's embedded player, and derivatives can be retrieved.

Notes on forthcoming D7 Port:

The D6 development release of this module provides:

  • ability to trigger manual transmission of files stored in CCK filefields, emfields or textfields
  • an automated file transfer queue, capable of harvesting files from any view containing a filefield, emfield or textfield (dependent on drupal_queue, includes configuration options for days/times to allow transfers, can be triggered by drush command or cron)
  • a configuration step in Media Mover 2x to store files to archive.org, or add them to the internet_archive send file queue
  • a hook for modules to designate metadata that should be stored with files on archive.org
  • support for including licenses declared by the Creative Commons module.
  • om_metadata sub-module to support the schema at Open Media Project and provide an example for implementation of hook_internet_archive_metadata
  • internet_archive_remote sub-module provides a SOAP client and server files to facilitate transferring files located on an external server
  • Ability to update Embedded Media Audio/Video fields using the Media: Archive module.
  • Ability to allow site users or administrators control over updating metadata and/or deleting files on Archive.org

The current development release is functional, but could use a lot more testing.

This module is sponsored by the Knight Foundation via a Knight News Challenge grant for the Open Media Project with additional support provided by the Open Media Foundation.

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