This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Instaweb is a drush command which starts a development webserver on localhost for the current drupal installation much like rails server or runserver.

Compatibility and Requirements

Instaweb runs on Linux and requires lighttpd and mod_magnet.


Issue the command drush pm-install instaweb wherever you like it. Probably the best choice is in ~/.drush. Refer to the drush README.txt for more choices.


$ drush help instaweb
Run a development webserver for this drupal instance

 --bind                                    Bind the testserver to this ip    
                                           address. Default: localhost       
 --port                                    Use specified TCP port. Default:  
 --server                                  Path to lighttpd binary. Default: 

This module is for developers running Linux. If you are not a developer or if you run another OS, please do not install this module. It might also work on OSX but its not tested and some minor tweaks like adapting the absolute path to lighty might be necessary.

Related Projects

A drush command wrapping a pure platform independant PHP webserver is included in drush version 5. Look out for the drush command runserver.

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