This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Innovation News provides tools which allow you to place Drupal nodes into editions and display those nodes by edition. Editions are similar in purpose to editions of newspapers or editions of magazines.

Specifically, Innovation News contains the following modules:

  • Innovation News - Allows the user to choose which Drupal content types should be considered news. Only nodes of these types can be placed into editions.
  • Edition Manager - Allows the user to place news into editions
  • Edition Viewer - Displays news by edition and provides XML representations of editions
  • Edit News - Displays news by publish status, allowing news to be edited more intuitively

This module is the core module of the Innovation News Installation Profile. The Innovation News Installation Profile uses this module, along with other modules and Drupal settings, to create a website which can be used as a cross-media newspaper.

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