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This module provides a nice weird formatter for doing funky crazy logic. (How's that for a description?) Specifically, it allows a field on a node to, if empty, show the content from the same field as it exists on a different node as referenced by a nodereference field.

For example:

  • Create a node type "Course". Give it a CCK text field "Description".
  • Create a node type "Section". Give it the same CCK text field (very important) and a nodereference field that points to Course nodes, named "Related Course".
  • Set the formatter for the Description field on the Section node type to "inherit via Related Course"
  • Create a Course node and fill in text for the Description field.
  • Create a Section node. Select the Course node we just created for "related course", and do not fill in anything for Description.
  • Save the Section node and view it. It should show the Description field... from Course node!
  • Edit the Section node and fill in something for the Description field. Save it again.
  • Hey look, the text you just entered now appears instead of the Course node's text!
  • Profit!!!

This module was originally developed by for the Balboa Park Online Collaborative.

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