This Module enables IME (Transliteration Input Method) for Indian Languages in Drupal Text Fields and Text Area Fields So that users can create their content in their own Language within Drupal without installing any additional software.

This module provides integration with Kanni IME Transliteration Javascript Library

6.x-3.0 and 7.x-2.x version has the integration for CKEditor (CKEditor.module and WYSIWYG.module) new

Indic Script module supports Type writer (TW) as well as Phonetic typing
for the following languages.

  • Tamil, Tamil Tw, Tamil 99
  • Hindi, Hindi Tw, Hindi Remington Tw
  • Malayalam, Malayalam Tw
  • Bengali, Unijoy, Bengali Tw
  • Gujarati, Gujarati Tw
  • Kannada, Kannada Tw
  • Oriya, Oriya Tw
  • Punjab, Punjab Tw
  • Telugu, Telugu Tw & Telugu Apple Tw

What it does exactly?

Phonetic typing: If the user type "ammaa" in English it will convert this to the Tamil word அம்மா (mother).
Type writer (TW): It will convert the keystroke with appropriate Unicode character in the selected Language.

The Keystroke F9 is set as Hot key for switching between languages.

Features in this release.

  • Integration with CKEditor
  • Configuration Page for admin
  • Field/page wise enabling or disabling feature
  • Inline Help Display
  • Added more languages

Whats make us Busy?

  • Integration with WYSIWYG Editors
  • Integration with Drupal Multilingual System.
  • Project Documentation


  • Install the module as usual way.
  • Goto admin indic script configuration page and enable the languages you need.
  • Goto admin/user/permissions page and give permissions for users to access Indic script typing.
  • type type type...

Contributor:Vinoth kanyakumari

Please send your suggestions & Issues.

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