This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides Drupal integration with the Indexisto free hosted site search service.

With the module you get:

  • full text search engine for your site in minutes (no need to install and maintain own search server like Lucene, SOLR or ElasticSearch)
  • ready to use Ajax search box (instant search)
  • fast content indexation with full import upon module install and hooks for adding, deleting/unpublishing, editing content
  • easy content categorization by type
  • adding facets and sorting options for your search results
  • full search queries statistic

(* some settings and statistics available in Indexisto admin panel )

This module requires Token module to be installed.

To install module:

  • Download and place Indexisto module in your site modules folder
  • Enable Indexisto module
  • Click to configure
  • If you don't have Indexisto account check REGISTER checkbox. Your email and secret will be already filled and this will be your login/pass at Indexisto admin panel, then click Submit.
  • Then go to BULK OPERATIONS tab, select Add/Update radio button. Select content types you want to be indexed and click Submit. Don't leave the page until progress bar reach 100% (otherwise content will not be indexed)
  • Navigate Structure/Blocks. You will find Indexisto search block. Select desired region to display and click Save Blocks.
  • Now your search box will appear on the site. Consider that indexation of all the content can take a time.

Indexisto service was closed. Use module for educational purposes.

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