This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides abillity to impersonate another user without relogging.

This module basically does what Masquerade module does with one difference:

- All impersonation settings are user specific and they are also role based. This means that administrator can set explicitly which roles are available for impersonation for specific user. With such setting user can choose to impersonate users that have any of the specified roles.

The reasons for developing this module where following:
- Commercial site has team of writers that should produce content for one drupal user that has specific role without knowing his/her credentials. Management wanted to give them ability to impersonate that drupal user and all the other users with that same role, not including any other role for security reasons. They also insisted that settings are separate for each user so that they can fine tune settings for every single user.

- Tech support case. Basically they wanted to give abillity to their tech support to impersonate any common low-privileged user when he/she communicates the problem with account and/or accessing site without having access to user accounts with elevated privileges.

Development of this module was financed by WorthPoint inc.

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