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New January 19, 2009: Bug fix to support Drupal 6.

Now you can easily add affordable high quality streaming video to your Drupal site, even if you’re using shared hosting and have limited bandwidth. With the Imediasee Premium Player Module for the Imediasee Flash Video Streaming Service you can embed your hosted videos to your site with a simple tag. Upload your Flash videos to Imediasee or have us encode them for you. Either way you can video enable your 5.x or 6.x Drupal site in just a few minutes.

Unlike many video services, Imediasee leaves you with complete ownership and control of your videos. This is especially useful if your videos are meant to enhance the value of your site, or should only be available to authenticated users.

The module also includes support for the Embedded Video Field of the emfield module so if you use emfield, Imediasee can appear as a supported video format.

Note: Imediasee supports streaming live video as well as prerecorded content. The Imediasee Premium Player for Drupal currently only supports streaming on-demand prerecorded content. However you can still play live streams from Imediasee on your Drupal site by directly accessing a 3rd party player, such as the JW Player, in your node. Please feel free to contact Imediasee Support if you have any questions about using live streams on your Drupal site.

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