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Imce CCK Image

Provide a CCK field type that lets you choose a file with IMCE.
This is not the same as FileField (see below).

Drupal 7

The core files management on D7 is smarter than on D6.
imceimage is designed to circumvent the file_managed table, but in D7 this is no longer necessary. You can use either filefield sources, or (recommended) IMCE Filefield

New maintainer (29 Nov 2011)

This module is no longer "deprecated".
See #703716: Offering to maintain Imce CCK Image

As the new maintainer, I plan to

  • Fix any problems I run into myself (update: bad idea, now my use case for this module went to d7).
  • Be responsive on the issue queue (update: if people provide me patches and do some debugging on their own.)
  • Allow a co-maintainer to jump on the boat, if someone is interested.
  • Improve code quality. -> done.
  • Recent work will go into a new branch (6.x-2.x). -> done.
  • Explain the difference to Filefield sources -> done.

There are no particular bugs I want to fix (yet), I just want this module to be not abandoned.

IMCE CCK Image vs Filefield Sources

There is an alternative to this project,
FileField Sources, which does support IMCE as one of various options.

FileField Sources:
FileField (Sources) will register each file in the files table in the database.
As a consequence, if you delete the filefield item, or the node with the filefield, the file will be removed from the filesystem. Please ping me if I'm wrong :)

IMCE Image:
This module stores a reference to the chosen file in the db table for the CCK field, but it will not add or remove any files (unless you do so yourself with IMCE directly).
This is especially useful, if you use a different mechanism to manage your files, such as, (S)FTP, WebDAV, Dropbox, etc.

If you plan to use both FileField and IMCE Image on the same site, it can be a good idea to separate your folder structure. Have one subfolder for IMCE, and another for FileField, so both do not mess with each other.


Initial 6.x development was sponsored in part by Per Arne and maintained by panis.

Current development by DQX Tech.

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