Screenshot showing IMCE Search and IMCE File Path

IMCE Tools is a package of useful functionality for use with IMCE. This package contains three modules:

IMCE Directory Manager

This module provides an interface for specifying which directories a user can access via the IMCE module. It is useful when you have users which have the same Drupal roles but need to be confined to directories which can not be derived from user data.

Configuration access requires the "administer site configuration" permission.


IMCE Search

This module provides a search box on the IMCE interface for searching the files table based on current directory path. This won’t find all files uploaded matching the search criteria but it will find any recorded in the files table.


IMCE File Path

This module provides a status bar type interface in the IMCE window listing the path to a file which makes it easy to build a link to a file instead of embedding it.


The development of this module was done as part of the project and was sponsored by The Executive Office of the President.

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