The EPS Field module provides a field type that enables "pseudo-native" handling of the EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) vector format by providing a custom field to serve this purpose.

Uploaded EPS files are converted to PNG (using Imagemagick) for display and can be processed by Imagecache just as files uploaded using the regular image field. The module has been tested with files using CMYK and PMS color spaces and maintains acceptable consistency in colors between conversion.

- Provides "EPS To Image" field type.
- The field type also accepts png, gif and jpeg formats, so there is no need to have an extra field in a content type if you want to be able to use those formats as well.
- The resulting images can be manipulated using imagecache as with the regular formats.

Many of the logos on the following page are generated from EPS files, using this module:


- Adobe color profiles (download from here http://bit.ly/1bfUuOJ).
- Imagemagick "convert" utility.
- This module executes an external program (convert) and would, therefore, require that the exec() function be enabled on your server.

Recommended Modules
- Transliteration - to clean up file names while uploading.

After installing the module, the "EPS to Image" field will be available to add
to your content types and used as a regular Image field would be used.

Initial development of this module was sponsored by Solidmark Web Design.

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