Imagefield is generally working great for me, as a CCK field in a node display. But:

  1. My node displays the filename of my image as the link. How can I change the text from the image filename, to "Click here".
  2. Before the filename, is a rectangular image icon. I could use CSS to hide it, but is there an easier way to either disable it, or replace it?
  3. When I upload my image, a thumbnail is created automatically (I am not using imagecache). How can I display this thumbail, optionally as a link?
  4. In display fields, I've selected Lightbox iFrame, and when I click the link an iFrame pops up. But how can I (a) scale the image to fit the small iFrame (b) change the size of the iFrame?


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I think I've solved part of this. By enabling ImageCache and creating a preset that scales to 100% (ie. it effectively does nothing), the ImageField display field now has three times the number of available options for displaying the image. So:

  1. By creating an ImageCache preset, and selecting, for example the display field Lightbox link-->Large (preset), then the default filename is displays as "View image" and this text can be customised in Lightbox "CCK display settings" in the section "Text to view image". Unfortunately this appear to be global, so you can't have different text for different CCK fields.
  2. The rectangular icon is no longer displayed if I chose, for example the display field Lightbox link-->Large (preset)
  3. If I wish, I could create a thumbnail with ImageCache that could be selected with the display field.
  4. The display field now has options that do no use only an iFrame.