I'm moving this issue from here: http://drupal.org/node/1322772 (Ubercart)

It appears as though the connection between one of my node-types (product classes) and it's image field is broken. The images appear correctly in the product display but incorrectly in other places. For example:

  • Cart: No thumbnail is displayed for this node type. Other node types display fine.
  • Views: When displaying in a view with values grouped showing only the 1st value the 1st value is not displayed, but the 2nd is.

This leads me to believe that some link or reference the images in the this nodetype is broken.

Where can I dig (database included) to see whether that is the case or not - I would prefer finding the problem to deleting and adding the image field again (which might solve the problem but will be hours of work)



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HI FranCarstens, sorry this issue never got a response. ImageField is only receiving minimal support these days. Did you solve this problem?

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Unfortunately not. I'm still seeing the same problem.

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Hm okay. We have a long-standing bug that deals with Views and *default* images (#460996: ImageField Default Images not showing up in Views). That problem is pretty much unsolvable, caused by a poor architecture decision with ImageField was first written. However that problem only affects default images on fields that are shared across multiple content types. From your description, it sounds like we're talking about individually uploaded files.

In your two examples, in the Cart and in Views, is that pretty much the same thing (as in, isn't the Cart a View)? If you make a fresh view of nodes, filter it down to the expected content type, and add the desired imagefield, does the problem happen even then?

As for looking in the "link" being broken between images and their nodes, as far as Views is concerned it uses the same record in the database that the node edit form does, so it's unusual that the edit form would work while views did not.