CCK v6.x-2.9
ImageField v6.x-3.10
public download method
perms 777 on temp/files and specified destination dirs

I've specified a destination subdirectory ("QQQQ") for image uploads using for a CCK image upload element added to the Support Ticket content type on my site.

I'm having a problem that sounds vaguely similar to #77817: Imagefield requires two attempts to work.: When I add an image to an existing node, everything works as expected. However, when I add an image to a new node, the image file is saved correctly, but the node is saved with a path to the image that ignores my specified destination subdirectory, so the image doesn't appear in the rendered node. If I simply re-save the node, though, the path gets corrected.

Path to image in node after first save (incorrect, image is not displayed):

Path to image in node after saving a second time (correct):

Obviously, I can get around this by eliminating the destination subdirectory specification, but I'd like to make use of subdirectories if possible. Has anyone else experienced this problem?


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I can't reproduce this problem. Do you have FileField Paths installed? It does all kinds of path movement upon node save.