I created an imagefield field
I uploaded the default image
I happened to change servers and deleted by original sites/default/files folder
Now the default imagefield is calling to an image that is no longer there.
But there is no way for me to delete the default image now.

sorry if I missed something obvious.


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But there is no way for me to delete the default image now.

You could just upload a new image right?

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Category: bug » support

Also considering moving your file path isn't something that's supported by Drupal at all, I don't think this can qualify as a bug.

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Similar problem, I think.
I created an imagefield field and uploaded the default image (marking content in demo site).

Now I want to use real content and I found that I can't get rid of cck imagefield default picture display, although I've unchecked the "default picture" option for that cck field and cleared cache.

Do you have any suggestions?

Drupal 6.22, Imagefield 6.x-3.10 (should I start a new issue because of different module version?)

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Version: 6.x-3.x-dev » 6.x-3.9

I can't delete my default image as well now and for some reason (still digging) I can't figure out why there are multiple images in my file system that are named noimage_1.jpg, noimage_2.jpg ... all the way up to 1000+

Currently i can't delete them through IMCE. I get a message that says photo noimage_N.jpg is being used by another application. I assume that it is the default image in one of my fields. However when I edit the field i can't remove the default image.

Not being able to remove a default image from a field seems like a bug to me. However I know that contributions to code is voluntary. I just wanted to point this out that my site seems to be doing something i didn't tell it to do :)

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