Optimize images using Yahoo!'s Smush.it webservice. The Smush.it service can often produce savings of 70-90% on image sizes.

This module defines an ImageCache preset that sends images to Smush.it and then retrieves the optimized image. This may have privacy implications for your data.

This is *very* alpha code, and relies on a patch to ImageCache (see #985598: Changes to image data lost between operations).

Index: imagecache/imagecache.module
--- imagecache/imagecache.module (revision 20724)
+++ imagecache/imagecache.module (working copy)
@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@
  * @return
  *   Boolean, TRUE indicating success and FALSE failure.
-function _imagecache_apply_action($action, $image) {
+function _imagecache_apply_action($action, &$image) {
   $actions = imagecache_action_definitions();

   if ($definition = imagecache_action_definition($action['action'])) {

If you manage your own server, also consider ImageAPI Optimize.

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