I've got a very nasty problem with ImageCache while making gallery. ImageCache is making all the directories in drupal/files and is creating images for both thumbnails and display but when i open it on the gallery page on my website, there are no thumbnails instead there are full pictures. I've tried everything. My pictures are < 100 KB and none of the picture's thumbnail is made.When i click on that pictures, the display in thickbox is great but not having a thumbnail is runing my gallery. I've selected squarethumnail (which is my preset for thumnails in imagecache module) while making fields in gallery view but its not working.. My clean urls are working and I had to enable rewritebase for that. i wonder if this is the problem. please help me. I'll be really grateful.



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I'm having the same problem. I've read everything I can - adding lines to the .htaccess file didn't solve the problem. Creating the directories within files/imagecache didn't solve the problem (and the permissions are correct).
Please help!!!

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Version: 5.x-1.1 » 5.x-1.5

I've got the same problems. I'm using imagemagick library on Aruba provider. I upload the image and all copies are placed at the right place in the imagecache dir, but all images are at the original size.

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i have the same problem.!! any respone?

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Version: 5.x-1.5 » 5.x-2.0

I've got the same problem... the directory is there for the preset and file is also there... but no action has been performed on them...

please help!!!

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what i found out is that if you start a fresh install it will works again.

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somehow i thinks its views that causing this

edit: its the variable database! i search for "image" and deleted all of them and its working again lol! yes!

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Status: Active » Postponed (maintainer needs more info)

check your watchdog log for errors.

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Have you installed ImageMagik or other image processing tools on your machine?

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Some things to check:

* Make sure the permissions on the directories are correct. The web server needs to have write permission on that directory.

* Make sure that you have an image processor enabled and it is working, i.e. either imagemagick or gd.

* Try updating to 2.1.

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I'm also trying to make a gallery with the ImageCache + Imagefield + CCK + Views combination.

I created two new Imagecache presets. One called thumbnail (that would be shown on Views) and one called nodeimage (a reduced version, to show in the node as link to the full image).

The problem is exactly the same: when I upload an image and submit the send content form, Imagecache does neither create the two reduced images (thumbnail and nodeimage), nor save the full image in the specified directory. I checked the directories via FTP and thei're empty!!
The content is created, the body text and the title appear normally in views and in the node, but there is NO IMAGE.
I tried to do the same with other images, to check if maybe the problem's with my image files, but the issue happens as well.

The first time I noticed this problem I looked in the Status Report and there was a warning saying that the webserver had no write permission on the directories of Imagecache. So I changed the CHMOD to 775 and the warning disappeared. But the issue persists!! No images!!

And I have no idea what could be happening (and I don't want to use the Image module in this project, but which seemed to work very well), since there are no warnings when I submit a content and neither in the status report.

I'm on Drupal 5.9
Imagecache 2.1 and ImageAPI GD2 enabled (also tried Image Magic)
CCK 1.7 and Imagefield 2.1
Views 1.6 and Views Bonus 1.2 Alpha

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Hello fellows!!

I fixed the problem in my site by enabling also the image module (don't know if it necessary has anything to do with that, but anyway, just reporting) and then I went to the Content page (admin/content/node), selected all my image content, then I selected the 'Rebuild Image thumbnails' option in the Update options and updated the content.

Suddenly all the thumbnails were built, and every image content I publish in my site is now normally made, with thumbnails automatically created.

Maybe it had also anything to do with the write permissions (CHMOD) in the imagecache sub-folders of 'files', which I changed do 775.

Anyway, it worked and maybe could work for somebady else.

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I'm experiencing a similar problem. I can't see any images in my teasers and i think it is because the thumbnails are not being created.

I've exactly followed the instructions here:

but I'm finding that only the main image folder is being created by imagecache and the initial (resized) main image is being put in there.

No thumbnail folder is being created and therefore no (smaller) thumbnail image either.

Hopefully once this issue gets fixed images will appear in my teasers, although I'm not convinced because even if I go to 'display fields' for my content type and alter the teaser dropdown to show the main image that does not appear either (though it does exist as it appears when you view the full node as a page)

Any advice gratefully received.

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I've now got this working.

Maybe I misunderstood how it works.
Initially I thought it was supposed to create each version of the image on upload, but I think it only does it when the image is called? For some reason my standard teasers were not calling the image (I don't know if they are supposed to work out of the box, but as no articles/posts mentioned altering the teaser output manually that was the assumption I was working under).

Anyway, I finally stumbled onto the following article:


and altering my node.tpl.php file to include step 6 got imagecache to create the thumbnail and got the teaser to display it.

Hope this helps someone

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Status: Postponed (maintainer needs more info) » Closed (fixed)

A lot has changes since this issue was last touched. I think it's probably been fixed. Please update to the latest version of the module and see if the problem still occurs. If it does and you can provide more information please re-open this issue.

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I've got the same problem...
The solution is just put files in private mode... "?q=admin/settings/file-system"
After this operation imagecache start working. i haven't any solutions.

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#15 worked for me :-) thank you!

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#15 worked for me too :D thank you! :D

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Worth pointing out that after #15, It kind of still caused a few problems, but I increased the memory limit a little and this perfected it.

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I was banging my head on this. And my webhost technician wasn't very helpful.

Thx to #15, it is all fixed!

I love Drupal Community! :D

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almost spend 1 day. finally #15 worked for me. thanks

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#15 works for me as well. Thanks guys. Just change the method to Private and thumbs show up! Weird, but it works!

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Version: 5.x-2.0 » 6.x-2.0-rc1
Status: Closed (fixed) » Active

Had the same problem with 6.x-2.0-rc1. The "fix" from #15 still works.

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This is what I'm seeing:

1) a site I'm working on built on openpublish (6.x) is having this issue. Changing the file system to private as suggested in #15 does work but has it's own problems. Also, turning off clean urls has solved the problem for us as well.

2) A clean install from vanilla drupal with only cck, imagefield, filefield, imageapi and imagecache installed from contrib does NOT have this issue.

I'm not so sure this is an issue with Imagecache alone. I've not taken the time to test all combinations of the modules installed on our site, but it seems there are more culprits to this than just imagecache.



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Same problem.

#15 NOT work for me ;(

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I have 2 sites on my multisite install. Both of them have claen urls enabled and public file system.
One of them creates thumbnail just fine, the other one can't. i have tried everything i've found here to fix this - nothing helps

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#15 works for me. Thanks

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#15 Worked for me too .

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#15 Worked for me also

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I installed GdLibarary through Cpanel ->Software and enable and issue has been resolved. Thanks