I'm getting this error pretty consistently.

It's on a site that happens to be on an imagefield using imagecrop.

It's on a linux server.

What other information can I provide to help find the cause?


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I had the same problem. I discovered it was caused because I had used a capital letter "X" in an imageCache setting (ImageCache_Profiles) for a dimensions dialogue.
So, I had "1600X1400" in the maximum settings dialogue rather than "1600x1400". When I changed the cap to lower case, the error went away. That was on a Linux Apache server. Case matters.

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I also had this problem, and fixed it with a similar change.

I had to change the maximum dimensions in my IMCE settings:

I had the maximum dimensions as:

I had to change to:
750x750 (or 750x1000, or whatever). It needed a second dimension or ImageMagick wouldn't work.