The code in imageapi_image_scale() tries to divide by $image->info['width'] regardless of what width is. If $image->info['width'] is not set for whatever reason, this can cause the php warning: division by zero

Patch attached (against git checkout 6.x-1.x) to simply return FALSE, as there is not enough data to _scale().

#1 division-by-zero-1284010-1.patch850 bytesjzacsh
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Attached patch to avoid division by zero.

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if the patch provided on #1 is a good solution. Instead of adding a line to avoid the function causing the error, will be better to find where the error is generated and fix it there. Why the image object doesn't have enough information?


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Clarifying reason for bug's occurance.

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In my case, I'm seeing the &$image parameter being FALSE.

Caller is imagefield/ at line 67.

I am also seeing in the log: "The selected image handling toolkit can not correctly process _image_close." This appears to be coming from imageapi_toolkit_invoke when $image->toolkit is empty (actually the image object is empty).