This module allows to copy content with the images from the MS Word and similar editors and pasting it into the Drupal fields with WYSIWYG.

You can copy and paste images with text or just images separately.

Why do you need this module:
The main problem is that when you will copy image from the MS Word, it gives images as tag <img> with the base64 or local path in src attribute. The base64 value can be too long and images with local path in src will not work after saving the node in any case, because this path available only on your computer.

This module imports the pasted images and saves them into the Drupal as entities with type file. Module is doing it immediately right after the Ctrl+V. This process is in background and you shouldn't do any special actions. Just paste the content with images.

To enable this functionality you should open settings of your CKEditor profile and enable the plugin "Plugin to save images pasted from Word and etc into Drupal file system"

Image cannot be successfully imported into WYSIWYG editor from MS Word documents with the mode of "Reduced functionality". You should convert your documents to normal mode to be able copy and paste images into the WYSIWYG editor.

Right now only CKEditor is supported.

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