Image Field Repair is a module that repairs image field values that are touched by issue #2644468: Multiple image upload breaks image dimensions.

Moreover, as this issue still isn't fixed in core, as of 8.x-1.2, it also solves the cause of the incorrect dimensions by incorporating the patch into this module.

That issue:

  • TL;DR: image dimensions, width and height, may be stored incorrectly for all but the 1st image on a multi-upload.
  • Is currently (early november 2017) still open, even though it has a reportedly working patch.
  • Does not currently provide an upgrade function (hook_update_N) even though comment #37 asks for it.
  • IMO, Comment #38 is too easy: a small site I am currently building had 1389 incorrect dimensions on 2316 images, not a number you would like to delete and upload again (certainly mot without my Duplicate Images project. that unfortunately still only exists for D7).


After installing and enabling the module, go to Admin - Configuration - Media -
Image Field Repair (admin/config/media/image_file_repair/dimensions) and press
the "Start" button. This will repair any incorrect image dimensions using a
batch. This can take a long time, but leave it running and go do some other
stuff :)

As there's still no fix in core itself, this module also fixes the bug using
code similar to the patch in comment #91. So after having repaired your image
fields you can leave this module enabled and use multi-upload on your image
widgets again. When the core issue gets fixed, you can uninstall and remove this

If you don't want this module to fix the bug, you can either uninstall it, or
add this line to your settings.php:
$settings['image_field_repair_disable_fix_2644468'] = TRUE;

My goals with this module

  • I no longer wish that the code of this module makes it to the patch as an
    upgrade hook. The issue is open for to long and should get fixed as soon as
    possible, without further delays regarding an update path.
  • I still do hope that a small hook_update_N() will be added that shows a
    message about the possible corruption and refers to a page on
    further describing the problem and solution (ie use this module) or just links
    directly to the project page.
  • Until the issue gets patched, this module will serve those who ran into the problem and want the resulting corruption fixed now.
  • Even though I did some development for the D8 image module, I hardly had any knowledge of the new D8 APIs, especially the entity and field API. So I also developed this module to get some experience with D8 module development.


As usual

Questions or problems

Use this module's issue queue


fietserwin, but many thanks to:
vaplas for the posted improvements.

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