This project provides a formatter for image fields that shows the image in grayscale or color style but when hovering the image switches to the other one.

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7.x-1.x branch
When user select the default color image style in the formatter configuration, a new image style that adds the desaturate effect is created automatically. Then the grayscale-color switch effect is generated without need of any configuration.

7.x-2.x branch
This branch works with an improved architecture that does not require the generation of the second image style. It converts the image through svg filters. Then it is not necessary load two different images. This is the recommended branch.

This project requires Drupal 7.15 or include the patch provided in #1329586: theme_image_formatter should pass along attributes. It is necessary to add attributes to the images.

This project has been developed by plopesc and juanolalla and sponsored by ideup!.

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