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What this module is

This module is a lightweight, jqModal based image browser for the Image contrib module Image Attach. If you have struggled with the ever-growing and unmanageable select list that Image Attach tends to produce, then this module is for you.

Installation is a snap, and there's no configuration:

  • be sure that Image and Image Attach (from image) are enabled
  • enable Image Attach Browse

The Image Attach Browser will now be linked from all content types for which Image Attach is enabled. (Edit the content type in Admin > Content > Edit to enable Image Attach).

What this module is not

This module is not a replacement for Image Assist, Image Field, IMCE, or any host of other modules that let you insert images inline. If you are looking for a module that will offer lots of configuration settings, access controls, resizing options, display or css settings, you should look elsewhere.


Development of this module will track the development of Image Attach and Image modules. If support for Image Attach is dropped from Image contrib, then Image Attach Browse will become obsolete (as of this writing, there will be no Image Attach in Drupal 7).

- javascript degredation. without javascript, this module will crash and burn.
- basic filtering

When will there be a stable release?

When Image 1.0 is released, Image Attach Browse 1.0 will be released.

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