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Image approval workflow.
Pending moderation.
Approved Image.
Disapproval workflow.
Disapproved Image.


Image approval module allows the moderator to view the recently uploaded images by the users for their account.The moderator can either approve or disapprove the images based on the site policy.The approved image will be published in the user's account across the site.


Once the Image Approval feature is enabled, whenever a user uploads an image to his/her account, the picture is sent for moderation and will be published only when the image is approved. In case if the image is disapproved, the user will be prompted to upload a new image on next login.The module also provides support for rules integration.

The events currently included are:

  • Image when sent for moderation
  • Image when approved
  • Image when disapproved

Feel free to suggest any other use-cases under this thread.


1.To moderate the uploaded user image, navigate to Administration » Configuration » People » Image Approval.
The "Not yet Moderated" section has the images waiting for moderation. The images can be either approved or disapproved.
The "Approved" and "Disapproved" section has the images that are already approved and disapproved respectively.

2.To enable which role have the privilege to be the Moderator adjust permissions at
Home » Administration » People page » Permissions page.

To have further more customization and integration with other modules check out Avatar Approval module.

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