IIIF Image Field provides an easy way to add IIIF Images to content types, and configure their display. Supports API versions 1.0 or 2.0 (no mixing, as of yet).


To try out this module, spin up a test installation at This will create a demo installation with some example content. To change the configuration to point at another IIIF source, update the configuration at /admin/config/media/iiif_image_field. Note that the source must work over HTTPS, since all sites use HTTPS.


This module requires one to serve images from a IIIF-compliant server, such as Loris.

Software dependencies:

  1. Libraries API Module
  2. Open Seadragon v.2.2.1


  1. Download Open Seadragon v.2.2.1 and extract the contents to sites/all/libraries/openseadragon
  2. Download and enable the module
  3. You can configure your server and API version via the Modules manager or Admin > Config > Media > IIIF Image Field
  4. Go to Structure > Content Types > yourContentType > Manage Fields
  5. Add a IIIF Image field and the IIIF Image Formatter should be automatically selected.
  6. Click on Manage Display and make sure your field is visible. Adjust settings for your view mode.
  7. Edit content and add your IIIF Image ID and a label/caption/citation

Note: If you need to uninstall, you must make sure that the IIIF Image Field is deleted from all Content Types that use it.

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