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Block administration screen
Quickedit working, editing taxonomy terms
Views UI and dropbuttons working

Make Drupal truly enterprise ready!

Drupal 8 is not compatible with IE8. This modules port what's needed to make D8 core javascript work with IE8:

  • Downgrade to jQuery 1.11.3
  • Downgrade to domready 0.3.0
  • Use a new class for details elements: collapse-closed
  • Some styling using CSS3 selectors need CSS aggregation enabled

Known issues (feel free to send patches!):

  • Toolbar is not working, trays are not shown, it behaves just like a no-js version

List of third party libraries used to bring the magic:

Surprisingly Quickedit works and all dialogs I tried worked. Another proof that IE8 truly was a great browser. List of core issues related to IE8.

Need help with the CSS, many things look ugly because gradients and fancy shadows don't work on IE8.

In construction 90' gif

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