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Note: As of 2010/05/20, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #790322: IE6 warning seems abandoned.
If you are interested in a module with a similar purpose, try IE Destroyer, or any other modules listed in

IE6 warning displays a block exhorting IE6 users to upgrade their browsers. The block is displayed on every page, but the user can close it with a link on the top right corner of the block. Upon closing the block, a cookie is set so that the block doesn't show anymore.

The idea of this module comes from :

The message displayed in the block can be set by the administrator.

To play well with sites caching the content aggressively, everything is happening client-side: the block is always sent, hidden, and IE6 users have the block shown via Javascript.

Installing the IE6 warning module is simple:

1) Copy the ie6_warning folder to the modules folder in your installation.

2) Enable the module using Administer -> Modules (/admin/build/modules)


1) Configure the site-wide setting for IE6 warning, Administer -> Settings ->
IE6 warning message. Eventually change the message.

2) Activate the options IE6 warning block, Administer -> Site building ->
Blocks. Set the block to be displayed in the header for instance

3) Find a version of IE6, and try it!


1) You can of course change the message in the module settings


This module uses the jQuery plugin jQBrowser (c) Dave Cardwell

This module has been developped by Colin Verot at Rue89

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