What is the problem to solve?

Increase momentum of strategic initiatives

Who is this for?

People and organisations that want to support the continued evolution and improvement of Drupal

Result: what will be the outcome?

Better find-ability and visibility of initiatives on drupal.org through clear and compelling initiative landing pages that provide a high-level rationale for the why, what, who, how and where.

How can we know the desired result is achieved?

- Increased activity in the issues that are part of an initiative’s roadmap
- More people offering to sponsor the team behind the initiative

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yoroy created an issue. See original summary.

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A proposed structure for these pages:

1. Why: describe the problem, what is currently missing & describe what the improved situation would look like. Focus on "customer pain".
2. What: Make it concrete with a more specific listing of the outcomes, new features, improvements this initiative introduces. CTA link to the main roadmap/plan issues
3. Who: List the initiative leads, user name + role, link to d.o. profile. Call to action link to the main communications channel (Slack channel, IRC room…)
4. How: ways to contribute: time/expertise and sponsoring. Link to comms channel and roadmap issues again for the former, link to the main contact person’s d.o. profile/contact form for the latter.


simple wireframe with boxes for each of the items outlined above

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First draft of actual copy for the out of the box initiative. Did not review this with the team yet!

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I updated #2847582: Out of The Box experience initiative to use the structure proposed here.