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NOTE: The old Icon Fonts module is now called Admin Icons - The new Icon Fonts module is in the 2.x branch.


The IconFonts module and its submodules provide an easy integration of icon fonts with the popular @font-your-face module.

Unlike from regular fonts, you can enable/disable icon fonts and assign css seletors to them on the character level.


  • @font-your-face module
  • some submodules might need the Libraries module

How to use the module

  • The core IconFonts module is an api module that provides its submodules an easy integration with the @font-your-face module. This means that besides the main IconFonts module you'll need to enable at least one of the submodules.
  • Most submodules require you to download a font library and copy it to the libraries folder (usually sites/all/libraries).
    Please make sure you read the readme.txt files of the submodules.
  • Once you've downloaded the appropriate font files you can enable the IconFonts module and the submodules you'd like to use as usual.
  • After enabling the modules you should import and enable the icon fonts as described in the readme.txt of the @font-your-face module.
  • On the font edit page all the icons of the font will be listed. By clicking on the icons you can enable/disable them and assign css selectors to them.

Development status

This module is still in development, not recommended to use on production sites. If you have identified a bug or tested the module or have a comment/feature request, please submit an issue in the issue queue.


Thanks to sreynen for his help and advice.

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