The purpose of this module is to nicen-up the local tasks menu using an icon font to add icons to the tabs. This adds readability and distinguishes the tabs from one another.

Why an icon font you ask? Icon fonts are awesome!

Icon tabs uses IcoMoon's free GPL Licensed icon font which comes with 450 icons to choose from! Check out the selection.


  • Add icons to your tabs using icon fonts and select which icon you want for each tab.
  • Icon Tabs comes with 450 icons to choose from, or you can use your own icon font if you prefer!
  • Provide Local Tasks as a block which can be placed wherever you like.
  • Automatic hiding of Drupal's default Local Tasks.
  • The Fred Tabs theme (pictured) - an optional setting that adds some extra style and some basic CSS3 animations to the tabs. The theme also adds the option to move the tabs outside the flow of the content and stack them vertically on larger screen widths to reduce the space taken up.
  • Optionally use your own Icon Font!
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