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Redirect by URL alias.

This module is required only for users who upgraded from Drupal 5 + i18n module and getting too much "page not found" errors due badly linked pages. I do not recommend using this module otherwise.

Module functionality described by an example:
languages: en, de
default language: en
two pages with paths and (or in D6)

In D5+i18n if you visit you will be redirected to
In D6+i18n if you visit you will get "page not found" (as in D6 the only correct url for that page is

This module preserve this functionality from D5.

More pages can have the same alias, so the decision which alias to use is made by the language weight value.
The redirection check is done only if the page is not found. It does not redirect from any accessible url.
I repeat, if you started with D6 you should not use this module, link your pages correctly.

I use this module from August 2008 on a live site without problems, but the module was not really tested. So there might be a conflict with other modules or there might be a problem with special aliases and language settings.
Additional information:
#262090: redirect by url alias
#347265: URL aliases not working for content not in default language

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