This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides per-language access control for creating and updating nodes by adding a list of checkboxes for each available language to the user add/edit form (only visible to users with 'administer users' permission). These language permissions are combined with the normal user permissions to give more fine-grained access control.

  • When creating new content, the language select box will only contain those languages that a user has permissions for.
  • The translation tab on nodes will only show Add Translation, or Edit for those langauges that a user has permissions for.
  • The edit tab will not show for if a user does not have access to the language of that node. The node edit page will also return an access denied in this case.
  • Language Neutral is supported, so unless a user has access to Language Neutral, they will be forced to select a language for every translatable node.
  • No effect on nodes that are not translatable
  • Users with "Administer nodes" permission still have access to all langauges

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