This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This is a news distribution aimed at "hyper-local news" though it works well for nearly any news where location is important. The profile creates new content types, vocabularies (taxonomy), and configures many common modules for you. It also creates an unpublished page as the first piece of content that walks you through the process of how to setup your site and lets you configure things as you see fit.

The initial profile is based on a year's worth of part-time efforts on a site about a specific neighborhood in Denver.

You need the hyper-local news install profile if:

  1. You want to create a directory of organizations, businesses, or other locations
  2. You want to post events, photos, and articles that relate to those locations
  3. You want to see how to get those gmap and location and views modules to actually work together

Known critical problems

Due to these issues you will need to do manual workarounds.

Development credits and history

The site on which this profile is based was built primarily by garbanzito and Greg Knaddison (greggles). The installation profile based on the site was also built primarily by garbanzito and is being contributed by greggles. Funding for the installation profile was provided in part by Ryan Ornelas.

For support or future enhancements, consider contacting Growing Venture Solutions.

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