Scanning a QR code with idQ Connect app to login to Drupal site.

This is a provider plugin module for the HybridAuth Social Login authentication platform.

This module provides a HybridAuth "provider" to support InBay Technologies' idQ® Trust as a Service (TaaS) passwordless authentication solution.

inBay Technologies secure login solution idQ TaaS provides passwordless authentication where no private information (username, password, biometric, or other shared secret) is transmitted.

Identity is validated by Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) that requires the following 3 components:
· the user's idQ TaaS registered mobile device
· a personal identifier
· a dynamic, encrypted, digital signature that is sent over an out-of-band channel.

Use idQ TaaS to lock down user login, and access restricted pages and forms.

idQ TaaS also provides a delegated authorization method for private business operations. It allows the use of personal devices to securely identify and authorize:
· operations
· transactions
· access to private information/files.

For more information about inBay Technologies and idQ TaaS, please visit

idQ TaaS requires the use of a mobile app which must be locally authenticated and then used to scan a QR code on the Drupal site to allow access to the site. This greatly improves security of your web site over standard "password only" authentication systems.


  • HybridAuth Social Login
  • HybridAuth PHP Library (explained on HybridAuth Social Login project page)
  • idQ extension for HybridAuth PHP Library (included with this module, see below)


  • install HybridAuth Social Login module with dependencies as required for that module.
  • install this module as any other Drupal module
  • copy from hybridauth library folder /hybridauth/additional-providers/hybridauth-idqoauth2/Providers/IdqOAuth2.php to [hybridauth_library_install_dir]/Hybrid/Providers/
  • copy from hybridauth library folder, the entire folder at additional-providers/hybridauth-idqoauth2/thirdparty/ to [hybridauth_library_install_dir]/Hybrid/thirdparty/
  • to get Application OAuth2.0 credentials, for beta visit & for Production


Work on D7 version of this module is underway.

A D8 version will be done once a stable D7 version is released.


The idQ TaaS library is developed by InBay Technologies'

This Drupal project is developed by LiquidCMS.

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