Aegir Apache Solr

This module allows Solr servers to be added to Aegir. Once you have a server, you can give an Aegir Site a Solr database as easily as choosing it's DB Server.

Hosting Solr is the front-end, and
Provision Solr is the backend.


You will need Aegir, Provision Solr, Apache Solr, and Apache Tomcat to use this module

See for instructions on installing Aegir.

See for instructions on installing Provision Solr, Apache Solr and Tomcat.

Once you've got Aegir and Provision Solr and all of it's requirements installed, download and install this module:

drush @hostmaster dl hosting_solr
drush @hostmaster en hosting_solr

Path to War!

Each Aegir Server Entity has its own solr_war_path property on the backend. In the Aegir front-end, this path is tracked by a Drupal variable.

There is an issue open to add the path to solr.war file to the UI on server nodes. Until then, there is a Drupal variable called hosting_solr_default_solr_war_path that is set to /usr/share/solr.war.

You can either put your solr.war file in that location or change the variable with drush, or put it in your local.settings.php file.

drush @hostmaster vset hosting_solr_default_solr_war_path "/betterpath/solr.war"


Using Hosting Solr is straightforward once enabled:

  1. Visit the Servers page in your Aegir front-end.
  2. Click on the server you wish to enable Solr.
  3. Click the Edit tab.
  4. Under Solr, choose Tomcat. Confirm the Port and Restart command are correct for your server. If you followed the instructions for Provision Solr exactly the defaults will work.
  5. Hit the Save button.
  6. Next, we need to enable Solr for a site. First add the modules ApacheSolr or Search API + Search API Solr to the Drupal site's platform.
  7. Visit the Sites page in your Aegir front-end.
  8. Click the Edit tab.
  9. Under Solr server choose the server you just configured.
  10. Add the Path to solr config files for this site.
  11. Hit the Save button
  12. Wait for the Verify task to finish, then click the Solr URL provided on the site's page to confirm Solr was setup properly!
  13. In the Drupal site, configure your Solr servers based on the Solr URL. This part varies depending on whether you are using Search API or Apachesolr.modules.
  14. With the server configured, you can now enable Solr on any of the other sites on your Aegir server by simply Editing the site nodes.

The Solr server's created by Aegir are made available at the following URL:



Hosting & Provision Solr was built by the team at ThinkDrop Consulting.

It was inspired by


**To users of the Alpha versions of Hosting Solr:** There is no upgrade path for the Beta release. There isn't even any data to upgrade. Please disable and uninstall (or devel reinstall) this module before using.

drush @hostmaster dis hosting_solr
drush @hostmaster uninstall hosting_solr
drush @hostmaster uninstall hosting_solr

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