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This module extends Aegir with the option to do a 'git pull' in a site directory.

Moving to hosting_git for Aegir 7.x-3.x

For Aegir 7.x-3.x this modules continues in
See also: #2201133: [meta] Consolidate Git modules


  1. Pull from git
  2. Update git submodules
  3. Trigger a verify task on the site


1. Install as any other Drupal module into your hostmaster site.
2. The file should be copied/linked to the drush installation.
An easy way is to create a symlink in ~/.drush/ to e.g. /var/aegir/clients/admin/
3. Make sure you have the drush module provision_git installed (drush dl provision_git)

WARNING: If you make code modifications on the server, don't forget to commit them. They will be lost otherwise.


I'm open to ideas to extend this module to do more Git related tasks related to Aegir.
Patches or collaboration with an extra maintainer are very welcome.

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