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Hosting Profile Roles extends Aegir to enable more control over what role(s) a client user is assigned during site install. Since, by default, Aegir client's are given UID1 during site installs, this module also allows UID1 to be assigned to another user. This allows tighter control of the client's user experience, and thus support for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) type business models.

Current features

Additions to the front-end:

  • adds a "Roles" tab to the platform page that includes (for each profile available on the platform):
    • a field for an Aegir user that will be assigned UID1 for sites created using that profile
    • a field for the name of the role to assign site creators

When a site is created on a such a platform:

  • UID1 on a created site is replaced (in the site context) by the Aegir user specified on the platform's Roles tab for the relevant profile
  • after the site is installed, a second user is created based on site's creator
  • that user is assigned the role specified on the platform's Roles tab for the relevant profile
  • the "Login" link is updated to point to the second user's account

This module is part of a broader initiative to enable more SaaS-like capabilities with Drupal via Aegir. For more details, see the Software-as-a-Service Business Model we're building at

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