Platform creation form

This is an add-on module for the Aegir hosting system:

This module simply makes a little time-saving tweak when creating a new platform: it will automatically fill in the platform path for you based on the platform name. Setup is easy- just enable it as a Hosting Feature, fill in the base path for your platforms at admin/hosting/platform_pathauto, and the next time you create a platform, watch as the platform path is automatically generated based on the name! You can of course override and edit the platform path manually if you'd like.

Note: this module has no relation to the excellent Pathauto module.


  • The 6.x-1.x series of this module is compatible with Aegir 1.x.
  • The 6.x-2.x series of this module is compatible with Aegir 2.x.
  • The 7.x series of this module is obsoleted as it's build right into Aegir starting from 7.x-3.0-beta2

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