This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

aegir hosting filemanager

Provides a web file browser for the AEgir hosting system.

This is a frontend module for Aegir to browser files under a site or platform. If you don't know what Aegir is you probably should checkout these first:

Optional Requirements:

Code syntax highlighting is possible if the CodeMirror library is installed.

* Download CodeMirror from -
* Unpack/Install into sites/all/libraries (or where-ever you put your libraries)


* Interactive filetree of the site & platform directory (directory contents loaded via ajax as when you click on the directory name)
* View the contents of files (text and images).

Future Ideas

There is no defined roadmap for this module, but some ideas

  • Editing files from directly from the web, some issues to consider:
    • what should be editable (probably just the site directory)
    • how do we save edits to files without relaxing permissions
  • view other file types - e.g. video, pdf
  • integration with version control, see the state of the filesystem (e.g. dirty? some manually edited something)
  • look into security to ensure files are not exposed to users who should not be able to access them

Security considerations

Note: this provides access to the contents of files from sites running under Aegir. All files are accessed as the webserver users so any files that are not accessible to the webserver will not be accessible through this file browser.

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