An Aegir front-end module to configure settings and crons specific to CiviCRM. This module is includes provision_civicrm (previously maintained separately, now bundled together with hosting_civicrm).

Main features

  • Automate the installation of new CiviCRM/Drupal instances,
  • Easy interface to backup & restore the instance (database and files),
  • Upgrade or clone instances (including upgrading CiviCRM itself), perfect for automating maintenance upgrades, testing on dev sites, etc.
  • Manage CiviCRM cron jobs
  • Configure per-site cron settings (delay), for Aegir users having the "configure site CiviCRM cron intervals" permission.
  • Supports localized installations in other languages, based on the Drupal core language.


  • Required: Aegir >= 3.x
  • Recommended: CiviCRM >= 4.4
  • Supports Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 (see #2682147)


As of Aegir 3.4, hosting_civicrm is included by default with Aegir.

  • In Aegir, enable CiviCRM and the CiviCRM cron queue from the "Hosting" options (under "experimental" options).
  • In Aegir, create a platform with CiviCRM located in sites/all/modules/ (or in an install profile)
  • In Aegir, add the platform inside Aegir (Node -> add -> platform)

When new sites are created in the platform, provision_civicrm will detect that CiviCRM is available and will automatically install it.

For manual installation (not recommended):

  • Install a copy of the code of hosting_civicrm in your /var/aegir/hostmaster-3.x/sites/ directory
  • Enable CiviCRM support in the "Hosting" options of Aegir.


The may have more information.


Please use the issue queue and report with as much detail as possible, including the Drupal/CiviCRM/Aegir/drush version. If possible, include a full listing of the task run.

Test with the latest git version before reporting an issue. The latest git 7.x-3.x branch is usually stable.

Automatic testing is done when merge-requests are submitted through hosting_civicrm on Github (docs).

For commercial hosting, support and development, see the supporting organisations below.

Financial support

This project is made possible thanks to the people and organisations using it. Supporting a wide range of versions of CiviCRM, drush, Aegir, BOA, etc, is a lot of work. Please consider supporting the project if possible by contacting one of the supporting organisations listed below.

Supporting organizations: 
Lead development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support
Development, testing, hosting and support

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