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This is an add-on module for the Aegir hosting system:

Aegir 2

For the same features for Aegir 2 and above have a look at Hosting site backup manager.

As Aegir 1.x is deprecated so is this module... see Hosting site backup manager for 2.x and later versions.


This module allows you to specify how long Aegir should retain backups for. You can specify, for example, that after a month, only one backup a week should be kept. You can specify as many of these rules as you want, so you could keep hourly backups for a day, daily backups for two weeks and monthly backups thereafter.

Currently it applies to all sites hosted by Aegir, and there is no way to exclude specific sites.

  1. Install as any other Drupal module into your hostmaster site.
  2. Enable the feature in the 'experimental' section of 'admin/hosting' page.


  1. Settings are available at 'admin/hosting/backup_gc' and allow you to choose the numbers of backups to keep after specified periods of time.

Friendly warning

This module removes backups, but may not work perfectly, and might remove backups that you don't want removed. Although, if you are sensible about the settings used you won't lose any backups that you might want to keep.

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