Drupal Events, instead of Hooks

This module dispatches events for several Drupal core hooks. This allows you to use the D8 Event Subscriber system, instead of the outdated hook system, to react on certain events. The module includes events for the most common hooks.

Currently this module dispatches events for the following hooks:

  • Block
  • Entity
  • EntityField
  • Form
  • Path
  • Preprocess
  • Token
  • Views

If you want to see new events registered, open an issue in the issue queue and we will try to add it. Hopefully, in the near future, this will be in D8 core...


The module contains some examples on how to subscribe to certain events.


If you prefer to make pull/merge request, when you have a nice addition, instead of creating a patch, you can do that on GitHub.

Supporting organizations: 
Sponsored initial development
Sponsored initial development preprocess events

Project information