1. Download Honey Drops from

2. Unpack the downloaded file, take the entire Honey Drops and place it in your
Drupal installation under sites/all/themes. (Additional installation folders
can be used; see
for more information.)

For more information about acceptable theme installation directories, read
the sites/default/default.settings.php file in your Drupal installation.

3. Log in as an administrator on your Drupal site and go to the Appearance page
at admin/appearance. You will see the Honey Drops listed under the Disabled
Themes heading. You can optionally make Honey Drops the default theme.

4. Now build your own sub-theme by set Honey Drops as the Base Theme.


Honey Drops is a Drupal theme & it can be compiled using CSS Preprocessor SASS.
You must to be setup SASS first in your project. Read more in

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is used for icons.

Invert Logo

Basically in drupal sites we must upload favicon & site logo. Here I am introducing
another one option to upload the inverted logo to show in the menu. Configure this
by accessing /admin/appearance/settings/honeydrops.

Admin Menu

Admin menu orientation has been changed from landscape to portrait.
-- Required modules:
    -- Administration Menu:
-- Modules to be disabled:
    -- Toolbar: D7 core module

Project Information