Honey Drops is a HTML5 based Responsive Drupal Base theme. Most flexible & user friendly theme for backend and frontend.

HTML5 -> Semantive HTML5 Markups were used.
Responsive Design -> Mobile first responsive 2 columns layout.
Components -> Drupal Components are fully themed [Forms, Blocks, Pager etc.]
Normalize CSS -> Includes Normalize CSS to reset the CSS
RTL Support -> It supports for RTL sites also.

Honey Drops Desktop


1. Download Honey Drops from https://www.drupal.org/project/honeydrops/

2. Unpack the downloaded file, take the entire Honey Drops and place it in your
Drupal installation under sites/all/themes. (Additional installation folders
can be used; see https://drupal.org/getting-started/install-contrib/themes
for more information.)

For more information about acceptable theme installation directories, read
the sites/default/default.settings.php file in your Drupal installation.

3. Log in as an administrator on your Drupal site and go to the Appearance page
at admin/appearance. You will see the Honey Drops listed under the Disabled
Themes heading. You can optionally make Honey Drops the default theme.

4. Now build your own sub-theme by set Honey Drops as the Base Theme.

Honey Drops Mobile


Honey Drops is a Drupal theme & it can be compiled using CSS Preprocessor SASS.
You must to be setup SASS first in your project. Read more in http://sass-lang.com/

Font Awesome

Font Awesome is used for icons.

Invert Logo

Basically in drupal sites we must upload favicon & site logo. Here I am introducing
another one option to upload the inverted logo to show in the menu. Configure this
by accessing /admin/appearance/settings/honeydrops.

Admin Menu

Admin menu orientation has been changed from landscape to portrait.
-- Required modules:
    -- Administration Menu: https://www.drupal.org/project/admin_menu [Place this module in /sites/all/modules/contrib/]
-- Modules to be disabled:
    -- Toolbar: D7 core module

Supporting organizations: 
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