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HOF, or "Hall of Fame", is a module that provides publicly-visible summary statistics for a Drupal web site. What differentiates hof.module from the regular Drupal statistics is that HOF is meant to provide a public display of statistics, emphasizing credit to those who help a site to succeed.

Available Hall of Fame reports include overall site statistics like how many articles have been published, how long the site has been online, how many active users are registered, most popular nodes for the past week, month, and year, most active contributors for the past week, month, and year, and so on.

In addition to these aggregate statistics, the module can show a list of the most active contributors, the most popular stories, and other interesting credits for the past week, the past month, the past year, and since the site's creation.

This module is extremely configurable by the administrator, and has extensive explanations and help text in the admin screens.

The module provides the following paths:

Main Hall of Fame page, by default shows a table of contents of the other pages, but this can be changed by the administrator.
Shows the table of contents regardless of administrative settings for the default page.
Shows summary statistics for the whole site.
Shows node counts by type for each time interval. (Available in Drupal 4.7 only)
Shows the most active contributors.
Shows the most popular nodes.
Shows how many files (and, optionally, images) were uploaded during each time interval
Shows the most active commentors.
Shows all of the above, for whichever sections are enabled by the site administrator.

This module is now feature-complete and is in its third public release. It has been tested with Drupal 6.x, Drupal 5.x, Drupal 4.7, Drupal 4.6 and Drupal 4.5. Drupal 6.x is currently supported, and a version for Drupal 7.x is under active development as of December 2013.

Note: The date shown in the "latest release" download link does not reflect the true latest release date for the file.


The creator of this module (Scott Courtney, aka "Syscrusher"), would like to acknowledge the sponsorship of his employer, Sine Nomine Associates. The company has graciously allowed this module to be maintained on company time as an R&D project.

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