This module makes content recommendations based on users browsing history data, stored either in Drupal's built-in "history" table, or in the "accesslog" table if you enable the "statistics" module in core.

There are two types of recommendations:

  • "Users who browsed this node also browsed". This type of recommendations show on each node's page, and don't change for different users.
  • "Recommended for you". This is personalized recommendations for each different user, which should show on a per-user basis (eg, on the user's profile page).

The recommendations are provided with the Views module and are fully customizable.

See the README.txt file in the module to learn more about the technical details of the module and how to use it. Walk through:



Use the 7.x-2.x release which supports Recommender API 7.x-6.x. All other previous releases are not supported anymore.

Information about the previous releases: The 7.x-1.x release supports #1180000: GSoC2011: Apache Mahout Integration, and is not compatible with the original PHP code. 6.x-2.x is D6 back port of 7.x-1.x using Mahout. 6.x-1.x is the original release using built-in PHP code to compute recommendations.

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