Highrise is a web based tool by 37signals

This module harnesses the power of webform and Highrise API implemented over HTTP using (GET/POST/PUT/DELETE) via XML to:

  1. Create new contacts in Highrise on submission of a webform.


  • PHP 5.1.x + compiled with curl extension
  • Drupal 6.16+


The Highrise module requires the Webform 6.x-3.11 module


  • The Highrise module uses the Highrise API to add contacts to Highrise using Drupal webforms.
  • You can define a tag to be associated with your highrise contact.
  • The url of the web page from where the user was created is appended to the background field in the highrise contact.


  1. To save and organise notes and email conversations.
  2. Keep track of proposals and deals.
  3. Get a text message or email so you never forget to make the call.

Sponsorship and Development

Module development is sponsored Srijan Technologies, India.

Supporting organizations: 

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